The Iron Jay Story

Iron Jay Mr. Irresistible was born Jason Kowalski in 1985 in Bateman's Bay. Jay was a beautiful babe and a very good boy. As a child it was clear he was somehow different to other people – he had special gifts. He could charm the birds out of the trees and goldfish out of the ponds, from the minute he could talk. No-one could resist him.

Jay’s dad was World Champion Wrestler, "The Mechanic". His mum was World Champion Lady Wrestler, "The Pocket Rocket", which was apt, as she was very petite, but very powerful.

The Kowalski family's whole life revolved around wrestling and eating fish. Every Friday night at the Kowalski house they'd have I&J Crispy Battered Fish and Chips and Fight Night – "Crunch Time" as they liked to call it. This is where they would all try out their new moves, and hone their wrestling skills.

His parents could tell from an early age that Jay was going to be a great wrestler. I&J was his reward for training, and as his hunger for the awesome taste and crunch of I&J couldn’t be satisfied, he was constantly training. All the goodness of fish built him up big and strong, and made him the man he is today.

It wasn't long before he became the champion of Friday Night's Crunch Time. And it was about that time that the girls in Bateman's Bay started to notice the good-looking young wrestler, who was now more irresistible than ever. Hence, his fan club was formed.

Today, Iron Jay "Mr. Irresistible" has followed in his dad's footsteps to become World Crunch Champion, and a champion of good fish. He's as passionate about I&J tasty fish fillets as he is about wrestling.

Like his fans everywhere...
Iron Jay Just Wants I&J.